Case Study
Yoga Kids QLD
The Job
Yoga Kids QLD
The Challenge
Finding their ooomm

Yoga Kids QLD is a Yoga Studio that is family-run and dedicated to providing children of different levels with yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes. Specifically, the classes are designed for children aged 4 to 11. Our client emphasized the need for the brand to exude a fun and charismatic vibe, with a distinct style that could be easily identified across various platforms.


Brisbane - Queensland, Australia

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The Solution
Make it yoga, but fun

To enhance the branding for Yoga Kids QLD, we employed a playful typeface for the logo and carried it through all the related materials. Our approach was to infuse vibrancy into the brand while keeping a balanced mix of earthy tones, in line with the fun theme requested by our client. Our main goal was to appeal to a younger audience, while also staying true to the roots and professionalism of yoga teachings. Therefore, we recognised the importance of creating mascots for the brand to serve as a captivating visual cue for kids and a memorable element for parents. The mascots we designed are both simple and stylish, and are a perfect way to showcase yoga poses and meditation through all of the brand's assets.

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