Case Study
Chaready Chilli
The Job
Chaready Chilli
The Challenge
A Spicy New Brand

'Chaready' is a widely recognised brand of spices and chilli oil, known for its exceptional flavour and fiery kick. Our team was brought on board to assist with the branding and packaging for both the overarching brand and their debut product, Chilli Oil. Additionally, our client requested the creation of merchandise to complement the oil's release. The client desired a style that would distinguish them from competitors, with a bold touch of danger and heat.


Brisbane - Australia

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The Solution
Comin' in Hot

To differentiate the brand from competitors, we opted to utilize a woodcut illustration style that dates back to the ninth century. This choice not only brings an element of classic design to the brand but also invokes a sense of unknown danger through the highly detailed motifs. As Chaready wished to avoid a cold, corporate feel, we aimed for the logo and product style to be rough and relatable, while still possessing a sense of class. Unlike other spice brands, our client sought a sexy and mysterious vibe.

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