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Caleb B. - Artist & Lead Designer
Originally trained in traditional media, Caleb found a hunger in exploring new creative avenues, deviating from the restrictions of fine art into a more digital realm. He now lives to devour new artistic experiences through any media he can learn and thrive from.

Lover of games, cats, true crime and the strange catharsis felt from watching D.I.Y videos and tutorials.

A few of my fave things!
Our Services.
No client is the same, we understand the bespoke nature of design and the requests that come along with it. With a wide array of skill sets we can offer creative solutions to almost any design problem.
Print Media
Digital & Web Design
Our Process.
Every project is going to be different, but this is the usual structure that we follow as best practices.
04. Review
Back and forth feedback with the client regarding design or copy changes before the finalisation of the assets. Up to 2-3 versions of proofs.
01. Research
To understand the full scope of the project, we commence with a comprehensive questionnaire. Looking into your audience, aesthetic and what you hope to achieve.
02. Concept
After attaining a clear understanding of your goals, we then begin conceptualising, outlining a clear structure for the projects success.
03. Design
By drawing from information accumulated in our Research and Concept phase we can begin to carve the project.
04. Review
We like to use multiple client reviews as checkpoints for the project, this is to ensure all the right boxes are being ticked and everything stays on track.
05. Finalise
Once the project is approved, all the assets will be finalised, files packaged up and sent off. Continuing support is always an option.
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