Caleb K. Beckman
Brisbane Based - Senior Designer
As an imaginative designer with an eclectic range of skills, I bring a touch of creativity to every project. Drawing on years of experience in the industry, I’ve honed my craft in graphic design, illustration, animation, web and digital design (UX/UI).

I am a proud fur-father of two dogs and two cats. In my spare time I make caricature portraits of friends and family under the alias doodley_pics. At times I can be overly invested in true crime, morning coffee and tend to fall into a state of deep catharsis from watching DIY reno videos.
Design Services
Each client is unique and has specific design needs. I pride myself on the ability to provide tailored, creative solutions to meet those needs. With a diverse range of skill sets, I am equipped to tackle virtually any design challenge.
Print Media
Digital Design
I've worked with:
The Process
Every project is going to be different, but this is the usual structure that I follow as best practices.
04. Review
Back and forth feedback with the client regarding design or copy changes before the finalisation of the assets. Up to 2-3 versions of proofs.
01. Research
To gain a complete understanding of your project's scope, we start with a detailed questionnaire that delves into your target audience, desired aesthetic, and overall goals.
02. Concept
Once we have gained a thorough understanding of your objectives, we embark on the process of conceptualisation, crafting a well-defined framework that ensures the success of the project.
03. Design
Using the insights gathered during the research and concept phase, we can now start shaping the project.
04. Review
We value the input of our clients throughout the project, and use multiple review stages as checkpoints to ensure that we are meeting their expectations and keeping everything on track.
05. Finalise
After your project has been approved, we will proceed with the finalisation of all assets, package them up and send them to you. We also offer ongoing support to ensure that you have everything you need beyond the project's completion.
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