Case Study
Local H.G
The Job
Local H.G
The Challenge
A warm & welcoming brand

Our mission was to create the brand and website for the Local Hospitality Group (LHG), a newly formed pub and dining group that represents the partnership between two hospitality veterans. LHG's venues, located mostly in regional NSW, pride themselves on their traditional approach to Pub Management and their commitment to delivering the best drinking and dining experiences. Our challenge was to capture a sense of country warmth and hospitality while maintaining a highly professional image for the brand.


Double Bay - Sydney NSW

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The Solution
Your local watering hole

Our primary objective in developing LHG's brand was to create a memorable and meaningful logo that embodies the company's values. We utilized clever symbolism to produce an iconic logo, featuring a robust typeface that conveys a clean and dependable image while retaining the light-hearted personality necessary in the hospitality industry. To bring out the rustic and welcoming ambiance of country pubs, we employed a color palette consisting of warm hide browns, tans, and wheat creams. Since the website will be used by a diverse range of patrons, we emphasized usability, cleanliness, and simplicity to ensure its success.

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