Case Study
Goros Menu
The Job
Goros Menu
The Challenge
Brining a Japanese flavour to Sydney

Goros, a whimsical izakaya-style bar boasting an eclectic east-meets-west ambiance adorned with captivating collages of Japanese retro pop culture, was eager to unveil a fresh and stylized menu for their summer cuisine that would truly resonate with their patrons.


Surry Hills - Sydney NSW

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The Solution
Crazy quirky ideas drawn to life

To enhance the customer experience, we recognized the importance of incorporating visuals into our menu given the potential difficulty in deciphering some food items. With the goal of maintaining the venue's charming retro pop culture aesthetic, we carefully crafted photos of our dishes to accompany the menu and specials cards. In addition, we conceptualized unique mascots to serve as a visual representation of our brand, effectively communicating information while also serving as a versatile design element for future creative endeavors.

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