Case Study
Darlo Bar Tape
The Job
Darlo Bar Tape
The Challenge
A unique and interesting experience

Darlo Bar is a second home to the colourful and creative locals of Darlinghurst, where the retro furniture is almost as eclectic as the locals. we were tasked with designing a new menu for the Bar, with a strong focus on a providing a unique experience for the patrons and blending in seamlessly with the venues decor or style.


Darlinghurst - Sydney NSW

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The Solution
Special Tape

Drawing upon the artistic and retroesque vibes of Darlo Bar we developed the design of the "Tape Menu". We wanted to provide an unexpected experience for patrons with all the venues beers, wines and cocktails folded neatly into this quirky cassette case. Ensuring full legibility in low light was paramount to the design.

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